ElectricAid responds to Syrian crisis


The situation for the people of Syria continues to deteriorate. An estimated 70,000 people have been killed, and more than 3 million displaced – including 1.5 million children. Basics such as food, shelter and clean water are desperately needed, and the widespread and escalating violence means that many victims are impossible to reach.

ElectricAid is responding again to this crisis with two donations (of €7,500 each) to Concern and the Irish Red Cross for their work in Syria and across the border in Lebanon. This is in addition to our previous funding of €6,500 for GOAL’s humanitarian relief work in Syria.

We are not running a Special Appeal at this time, but we will continue to monitor this unfolding tragedy for millions of innocent people, and to help as best we can.

If you want to help this effort, please make a once-off donation out of payroll here; any funds received will be devoted to helping the innocent victims of this conflict.

Thanks once again from ElectricAid.