ElectricAid’s Commitment – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

You will be aware of the recent revelations concerning salaries paid in a small number of Irish charities.

Some of our members have contacted us for reassurance; we feel it is appropriate to assure our members, friends, and supporters that integrity, transparency, and accountability are core values for ElectricAid.

We do not pay any salary (or “top-ups”) at all. Our manager is an ESB staff member, and paid as such. ESB also picks up overhead and expense costs. The total spent by ElectricAid on expenses in 2013 was just 350 Euro paid to a third party in respect of independent appraisal of 7 projects funded in Uganda, money very well spent.

With regard to our partner NGOs, we do not fund organisations, rather we get behind projects. We provide specific project funding, based on specific project budgets. When project budgets include a salary element, usually for local staff in the field, we disallow it. We do not in any case contribute to the salaries and overhead costs of applicant organisations.

ElectricAid publishes its audited accounts yearly, on ESBnet and in our Annual Report. The minutes of all our Committee meetings are published on our intranet site. Members have a standing invitation to attend any of our meetings. We are a member-owned and driven organisation, doing our business in the open, and proud to do so. We have signed up to the voluntary Code of Governance for Charities, and are members of Dochas, an umbrella body with a strong remit for governance.

We are open for business and open for scrutiny.

John Kelly, Chairman. 13.12.2013

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