ElectricAid Humanitarian Response Appeal



The ESB family comes through again!
ElectricAid exhausted our capacity to respond to humanitarian emergencies earlier in the year. Emergency fundings in South Sudan, Gaza, Iraq, and latterly in West Africa (for the Ebola outbreak) simply emptied our bucket. We could do no more, without compromising our core Development work. But there was no end in sight to the emergency appeals.
We went out to our members, friends and supporters with a simple “ask” – to rebuild our capacity to respond – on your behalf – to emergency appeals in this troubled world. Because this was not a single headline-grabbing emergency, we were not at all sure of the response. The bucket may be empty, but you can go to the well too often …

We need not have worried; the ESB community responded magnificently. ESB itself came to us early on and committed a fantastic €25,000 in matching funding. This turbo-charged the Appeal, which now (11.09.2014) stands at €70,000, with some more to come. We have had some amazing donations from staff, and the pensioner community has really put its shoulder to the wheel. We thank each and every one of you for your sustained generosity. You are reaching out to people in their darkest hour.

On their behalf, we thank you again.

Your funds are already being put to work. We had 3 different applications on hand, which we were unable to do anything about. Now we have approved €10,000 for UNICEF’s work in South Sudan, and €12,300 for 2 applicants in Liberia, in the front line against Ebola. Two more applications – for Gaza (Red Cross) and Ebola (MSF) will shortly be paid.

Your response to our Appeal is helping real people in desperate need – right now.

The Appeal is still open – we are now aiming for €75,000 – and the needs are ongoing and enormous.