Project Report – Water Supply Upgrade, Sishekanu Community School, Kaoma, Zambia

Kaoma and surrounding town-land, with a population of approximately 80,000, is located
in Western Province, one of the poorest areas in Zambia. Sishekanu Community School
was established by an Irish missionary in 1998 to provide education for orphans and other
vulnerable children in the Kaoma area. Alan Kerins Projects first became involved with
Kaoma Community School in 2006. There is a great need for affordable education in the
area, and as a result the school has expanded rapidly. Having started in a parish hall lent
by a local priest, the school now consists of 13 classrooms and a large assembly room.
Over 1000 children attend the school daily and 22 teachers are employed there.


Alan Kerins Project 10-A-124 AKP Final Report 16092014