Welcome to www.electricaid.ie! Win an iPad in our FREE members’ competitions!

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Months of hard work have now come to fruition with the launch of our brand-new website, http://www.electricaid.ie. The site is a new window onto the world for ElectricAid, and a new and better means of communicating with members, friends and supporters – and with communities and NGOs all over the world.
http://www.electricaid.ie contains a rich depth of information about who we are, what we do, and about our 27-year history of funding development and changing lives, in Ireland and all over the Developing World. We hope you enjoy it, and we promise to keep it fresh and interesting. The site is not just about soliciting membership and donations, we include hard information on what we do, and have some interesting and discursive articles about development.
Most of all, the site is about you! Please do use it to assess what we do, and to talk to us about it – we are looking for genuine 2-way conversations. To start off this communication process, we have two great competitions for our members, both new and long-standing, and both with a fantastic prize of an Apple iPad, kindly sponsored by our friends in St. Patrick’s Credit Union.
Please scan the site and answer either of these simple questions:

Competition 1: (for existing members, who joined before 01.06.2014)
In our September 2014 Development Fundings, ElectricAid funded a water and sanitation project for GOAL in Tegucigalpa. In what country is Tegucigalpa?

Competition 2: (for new members, who joined between 01.06.2014 and 30.11.2014).
In our 2013 Annual report, Moneera al-Harari is pictured with her children in Jordan. What country did Moneera leave to come to Jordan?

Please e-mail your answer, with “Competition 1” or “Competition 2” in the title bar, to electricaid@esb.ie
It’s that simple! Don’t forget, if you sign up as a member by 30.11.2014, you are eligible to enter Competition 2 – and by the way, you will have a much better statistical chance of winning than in Competition 1!
St. Patrick’s Credit Union & ElectricAid:
Our competition prizes of two Apple iPads have been generously sponsored by St. Patrick’s Credit Union, http://www.stpatrickscu.ie, which serves the ESB community, and now welcomes Family Members – spouses, partners, parents, children and grandchildren!
The basic ethos of St. Patrick’s Credit Union is to help people to help themselves, through the provision of savings and credit services. The Credit Union is a democratic financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members – in exactly the same way that ElectricAid is owned and controlled by our members. ElectricAid also has an ethos of helping people to help themselves; we prioritise self-help micro-finance groups (incipient Credit Unions) in our funding.
We have a great deal in common with St. Patrick’s Credit Union, and we sincerely thank them for their sponsorship.