ElectricAid wraps-up Nepal Appeal

Almost a thousand individual donors have stood up for the traumatised people of Nepal. Your generosity has amounted to a massive €73,536, as of Friday 29th May – a magnificent response  by the ESB & EirGrid communities – staff, pensioners, members, supporters and friends. With some donations still to come in, we should pass €75,000 in total. The outcome is one in which you should all take quiet pride.

€54,000 of the donations are hard at work now in Nepal, as shown in the table below.


FileReference Agency Description AmountPaid PaidDate
15-A-044 PLAN Ireland Nepal Earthquake – emergency response 8000 27/04/2015
15-A-045 Concern Nepal Earthquake – emergency response 8000 27/04/2015
15-A-046 Irish Red Cross Nepal Eartquake – emergency response 8000 27/04/2015
15-A-048 Christian Aid Ireland Nepal Earthquake – emergency response. 5000 01/05/2015
15-A-049 GOAL Nepal Earthquake – emergency response 5000 01/05/2015
15-A-050 Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation Nepal earthquake – Emergency Response 3000 08/05/2015
15-A-051 KarmaFlights Nepal Earthquake – disaster response in rural villages 3000 01/05/2015
15-A-056 Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Nepal Earthquake – emergency medical care 5000 01/05/2015
15-A-060 ActionAid Ireland Nepal Earthquake – care for traumatised women & children 9000 08/05/2015


This marks the end of the initial emergency phase of our response. We have held back a balance of about €20,000, which we intend to devote to more medium-term recovery projects. We are talking to a number of NGOs about recovery fundings.

Once again, we salute your generosity. You  have stood by these people in their darkest hour, and have made a real difference to thousands of people you will never know.. Thank you all.