Our Nepal Appeal has been a brilliant success, reaching €75,000. The ESB and EirGrid communities opened their hearts for the people of Nepal, and we are extremely grateful.
But ElectricAid is about MORE THAN DISASTERS. Our main focus is on Development funding – helping people all over the world to help themselves out of extreme poverty, ill-health, ignorance and injustice. Please KEEP YOUR HEART OPEN; if you are not a member – please join ElectricAid today! Membership means leveraged, effective giving. Every subscription is matched an a 2:3 basis by ESB or EirGrid, and may also qualify for a 45% tax refund bonus. In this way, a subscription of €5 per week (would you really miss it?) mounts up to a whopping €550 per year – and it all goes direct to projects without any deduction of any sort.
Don’t put it off – sign on TODAY! Any subscription at any level is valued and welcome.

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