Our Project of the Month for May 2015: Mark Rohan – mobility and hope for disabled kids in Zambia.

Mark Rohan, ESB’s own Double Paralympics Champion , has facilitated mobility and sports for disabled children in Mongu Cheshire Home, Zambia. Working with Alan Kerins Projects , Mark visited this home for disabled kids, and identified serious unmet needs for the children of Mongu. He approached ElectricAid for funding for a wheelchair, 2 handcycles, 10 walkers, 3 tricycles, and some voltage protection equipment. ElectricAid was delighted to be able to help, and funded the project in our May round with the full amount requested – €6,389. Alan Kerins Projects are contributing €2,700, and Mark kept the overall costs down by negotiating deep discounts with his own equipment sponsor, Invacare Ireland – to the value of €2,000.
This is a fine example of co-operation and co-funding between multiple interested parties – all to make a better life for the children of Mongu.
http://www.markrohan.comAlan Kerins Photo.3