2015, The European Year for Development.


Every year, the European Union choose a topic for a campaign in order to raise awareness of European citizens, and national governments. Being in the development business, 2015 the European Year for Development is significant for ElectricAid. The main objective of the EYD 2015 is to inform all about the development cooperation of the EU and its member states and to encourage the direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of citizens in global issues  – to show that each one of us can be a change maker in our daily lives and can have a positive impact.

September is set to be a huge turning point for Development.  A meeting in New York of world leaders will put in pace The Sustainable Development framework,  to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were a set of goals that got governments, NGOs and businesses around the world working together. The MDGs were a marked success in many fields, rolling back extreme  poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease. [World’s Best News]The new plan hopes to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

In the meantime ElectricAid poses the question: On an individual level, what can be done?

Here are three simple answers to help you help the development.

  1. Get Involved: The first step any person can make is to involve themselves. By doing so you too are helping tackle the causes of poverty and vulnerability. ElectricAid has over 2,500 members who can all actively say they contribute to the fight against poverty. There’s room for plenty more, and each one is needed! Join ElectricAid] If you’re a doer rather than a joiner, why not take on an ElectricAid Challenge?  [The ElectricAid Challenge]
  2. Tell others: Engage with people about the impact you are making. Discuss the topics of poverty and inequality. By speaking about these things awareness is raised and more people will be inclined to also get involved. Talk to politicians on your doorstep about keeping Ireland’s Aid Promise.
  3. Shop consciously, shop wisely: Every purchase you make supports something. As a consumer you can choose who to support. Will it be a fair trade, local or organic business or will it be a business that exploits people and our planet. It might be ignored at the till but every item that is scanned has an effect on the world and its people.

So don’t hesitate to get involved –  whether it be with ElectricAid or further a field. We can all contribute in many different ways. 2015 can be the year it started; who knows where it will end.?