MPF celebrates 60 years – and funds 3 projects for ElectricAid!

mpf Logo 4As part of the ESB Staff’s Medical Provident Fund’s (MPF) 60th Birthday celebrations, MPF is reaching out those less fortunate, here in Ireland and in the Developing World. MPF is generously funding 3 health and welfare projects for ElectricAid; we are deeply grateful. Bodies such as St. Patrick’s Credit Union and MPF, part of the wider ESB community of care, have been unfailingly supportive of ElectricAid. The first project to be supported is ElectricAid’s funding of Limerick City Care & Repair, a voluntary free-of-charge minor domestic repair service for vulnerable & older people.

MPF is a non-profit, contributory medical insurance scheme, founded in 1955 for ESB members and their families. They have been provided reliable, value-for-money medical insurance to ESB staff for 60 years. They now have about 23,000 members. Of ESB staff with health insurance, 80% are with MPF. and more are joining every day.

The MPF vision is simple: 100% focus on individual care. Ultimately, the key objective of MPF is to offer members the highest standard of personal service at an affordable cost. Should a healthcare issue arise, MPF prioritises guiding you through the process in a knowledgeable, calm manner, offering you peace of mind when you need it most. While there are many health insurers in the Irish market, MPF is more than just a healthcare package. Instead, membership of MPF means that you are part of a community; one where your care is what they care about most.