Many members have contacted us in the last week, asking about ElectricAid’s response to the unfolding migrant crisis in Europe. Initially, we were reluctant to get involved – we had “gone to the well” with the Special Appeal for Nepal so very recently. We also felt that this was a crisis (and failure) of political will and leadership, at national and EU level, and not particularly a crisis of money or resources.

We have since received a direct appeal from the Irish Red Cross , to help with the almost-biblical trek of thousands of migrants through the Western Balkans (Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary). These people, mostly refugees from Syria, are in need of food, water, shelter, blankets and medical care. This is a direct need that we can address. We have today (11.09) presented the Red Cross with €10,000 from our (scanty) reserves, to answer this appeal, and to reach out to these unfortunate people.

We don’t intend at this time to have a Special Appeal. However, if you wish to facilitate more fundings of this kind, please do make a once-off donation – here on the site. We know and rely on the generosity of the ElectricAid community.

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Co-incidentally, today we also presented another €8,000 to the Red Cross for their work in building and stocking cereal banks in the famine-threatened Zinder region of Niger.Irish Red Cross PresentationPresentation to Emma Doyle Red Cross €10,000 – for Migrant Crisis