Our Project of the Month for September – Railway Children Africa

This project came to ElectricAid via our ESBI colleagues in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. We funded Railway Children Africa with €6,420 for their pioneering work with the street children of Mwanza, and with their families. This particular funding was to support the families of re-integrated street kids with business training, start-up grants, and some food aid.

Small Enterprise in shoe selling (3)

photo: Small Enterprise in shoe selling.


Railway Children Africa (RCA) aims to change the realities of life for children and youth living on the streets of Mwanza, Tanzania so that they can access education, reintegrate successfully with families and lift themselves from life on the streets and out of abject poverty.

RCA works with the most vulnerable children and youth and their families in Mwanza, Tanzania and through partners in Kenya. Their main aim is to reintegrate children who have been taken off the streets of Mwanza through our outreach programme back to their families. Their family programme is based on providing psychosocial and economic strengthening support. The approach is holistic in trying to address all the factors at play such as domestic violence and abuse, poverty and lack of income generation as well as loss of education for reintegrated children and their siblings. In this way they try to ensure the successful and long term reintegration of children with their families – through support and training for the families to generate income so that they can support themselves and educate their children.

When introducing the economic strengthening support, which includes bio-intensive farming training, business training for women and start up grants, they provide food aid where required, a start up pack of farm tools and seeds and provide for the education of all the children in the household until such time as the economic strengthening elements have enabled the family to support themselves and to educate their children.




Photo: Demonstrating Bio Intensive farming.

Demonstrating Bio-Intensive Farming Methods 2015 2 (2)


Under RCA’s family programmes in Mwanza, between April 2014 and March 2015 thy have supported 94 families which includes a total of 718 individual beneficiaries, 466 of whom are child beneficiaries. In the same period 54 children were successfully reintegrated back into their families and family life. As part of their family economic sustainability work, individual women in the family programme set up economic self-help groups and the total membership in 2014-2015 was 149 women. In addition, 30 families benefited from the bio-intensive agricultural training programme.