ElectricAid & Chimteka Children Support

Our Project of the Month for November represents the latest chapter in our relationship with Chimteka Children Support (CCS), a small Dublin-based NGO which focuses on broad-based community development in a small rural area of Malawi, making a big impact on many lives. This time, we are supporting the furnishing and equipping of a new maternity unit in Chimteka.

New Clinic Chimteka Nov 2015

Chimteka Children Support (CCS) wish to express their sincere gratitude to ElectricAid for their very generous financial support of €33,809 over the period 2007 to 2015 towards;

Description Year
Furnishing and Equipping a New Maternity Unit, Chimteka €8,406 2015
Constructing a Water Tower and purchasing of Tanks & Pump to supply a new 64 bed female student (secondary) hostel accommodation €7,403 2013
Constructing a new 64 place Girls Hostel at Chimteka Secondary School €10,000 2011
Installing Solar Electricity in a Multi-Purpose Community Hall €8,000 2007
Purchasing Treadle Pumps to be used for crop irrigation 2007

Water tower Chimteka

With the exception of the maternity unit, all of the projects supported by ElectricAid have been successfully implemented and will continue to benefit the 6,000 members of the community of Chimteka as well as the 30,000 people in the wider rural area serviced by the maternity unit and the secondary school at Chimteka: the maternity unit is under construction and will be up and running in April 2016.

Community School Chimteka

All the community in Chimteka benefit from a range of health, education, and social services delivered from the community hall. Girls from the wider catchment attending secondary school in Chimteka can now do so with respect a dignity. All women who are pregnant in the Chimteka catchment will be able to access ante natal, maternity and post-natal professional services delivered from attractive facility.


About Chimetka Children Support

Foot powered Treadle Pump Chimteka

CCS is an Irish based charity established in 2004 to assist c. 1,000 children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and the rural local community in which they live, namely, Chimteka, Malawi.

Over the 11 years since its establishment, CCS has successfully planned and developed construction projects with a total cost of €600,000 and with individual projects ranging in size from €32,000 to €185,000. In addition CCS has supported a wide range of other projects including training and development of people.

CCS has no staff in Ireland and all of the work is done on a voluntary basis. CCS has been supported with Volunteer Missioners through VMM for 4.5 of the 11 years since its establishment.

Further information on CCS can be found on: