Calling all Travellers !

MADIPA 1 (2)

ElectricAid member, Aidan Byrne (ex-ESB, now working with UMEME in Uganda),and John Bosco Lukwago, Chair of MADIPA, during Aidan’s site visit  in Masaka, Uganda. MADIPA is a self-help and educational NGO for people with disabilities in Uganda, which ElectricAid has supported strongly since 2010. 

Also shown in John Baptist Lukwago, Chairman of MADIPA.




ElectricAid is on the look-out, as always, for people travelling to the Developing World this year. We need boots on the ground and eyes on ElectricAid-funded projects. If you are doing some exotic travelling – whether for business or pleasure – and you can spare some time to visit one of our projects, we would love to hear from you.

Site visits are usually a very enjoyable experience, allowing the traveller to “get under the skin” of the country, society and culture. The visit lies somewhere between a social call and an audit, and does not require particular skill or experience, beyond a good dose of common sense and empathy. We just want to establish that our funds have been used correctly and to assess the effectiveness of the project. Full project information and a visit report template are provided to the traveller.

Visitors are usually welcomed with open arms; the host community is eager to welcome the visitor and to show off the project.

In 2015, we had a variety of really effective and enjoyable site visits by members in Cambodia, Uganda, and Ethiopia. So if you are travelling in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America or Asia, why not give us a call? You won’t regret it.