Africa Direct – Small fundings, big results!


Africa Direct is a small, completely voluntary Cork-based NGO, doing great “hands-on” work on behalf of some of the most vulnerable people of Kenya. ElectricAid has funded Africa Direct 4 times since 2008, with a modest total of €39,000. This has allowed them to

  • Build a refuge and training centre for displaced and vulnerable young women in Kitale.
  • Build traditional mud housing to a very high standard for 60 shack-dwelling families in Kitale.
  • Construct a Special Needs unit in a school in Mukuru, Nairobi.
  • Build a Skills Training Centre in Mukuru.

This is money very well spent, with minimal overhead costs and fantastic results for real people in desperate need.



Mukuru is the biggest single slum in the world, with a population variously estimated between 700,000 and 1.2 million people. The reports for the projects there are attached – do take time out to read them.

The Pope's visit in Kenya

The Pope’s visit to the country in November 2015 came with a very special blessing to three of our children.

The children from the Special Needs unit were honoured in late 2015 with a visit from Pope Francis – and from CNN – please click on the link to this item. There would have been nothing for them to visit without YOUR  generosity.