Mary’s Meals – ONE child at a time

Mary’s Meals is a Scottish NGO with a simple philosophy. They feel that the best way of promoting education and opportunity in the Developing World is to give each school-going child a nourishing meal. They are now (January 2016) feeding 1,101,206 children daily! Keeping them fed, nourishes them, and keeps them in school. Staying in school gives life chances for them and their communities.

pic 5

Some volunteers for the school feeding programme at Mpalankhwali school.

ElectricAid funded the construction of a school kitchen in Mpalankwali school in Malawi – allowing them to add 1,500 more vulnerable children to their feeding total. This funding was made possible through a generous legacy received by ElectricAid last year. Have a look at Mary’s Meals’ report on the multiple positive outcomes of this simple project – you will agree that this was a funding made in Heaven.

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