North West Cameroon – Clean Water and Better Living

Concern Universal is one of ElectricAid’s special partners. Justice, dignity and respect for the world is what they stand for. It is a relief and development organisation that has specific programmes in 9 countries – Cameroon is one of them.  ElectricAid has funded Concern Universal for 20 projects with a total of €298,000 since 2010.

Rapid growth of population, climate change and unsustainable farming practices have led to environmental degradation in Cameroon’s Northwest Region. It has been found that 85% of the people drink water from streams, rivers and unprotected wells. Competition in access to land and water has been increasingly growing between Mbororo cattle herders and crop farmers.


With the help of ElectricAid, Concern Universal were able to stop the conflict, and to help improve health by protecting water supplies from contamination. They have ensured that everyone within the communities have access to safe drinking water and have lessened the incidence of water-borne disease (including typhoid and diarrhoea). This project has helped encourage people to manage natural resources sustainably.


“Clean Water is not only improving health in NW Cameroon, but it is strengthening relations between two communities previously in conflict. Farmers and grazers now recognise their shared dependence on the natural resources and, more importantly, they understand their interdependence with each other”

– Olivia Sawyer (International Programmes & Services Co-ordinator, Concern Universal)

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