Drought & Food Crisis in Ethiopia – Who Knew?

The current drought and food emergency in Ethiopia directly threatens 10-11 million people – yet it seems to have been largely ignored by the media up to this point. It has not gained the traction of publicity, possibly because of Brexit, political dramas, and maybe even the Euros. The crisis is thought to be caused by the intermittent “El Nino” weather phenomenon, and some areas of Ethiopia have not seen rain for 2-3 years..

Ethiopia itself is much more resilient and better able to cope than in the dark days of the 1980s. The government is taking an active and leading role in feeding half a million children and vulnerable mothers, and in helping up to 8 million people at risk. They can’t do it all, the situation is getting worse, and many NGOs are involved.

ElectricAid – on your behalf – has this week issued a €20,000 emergency donation to Concern’s Appeal for Ethiopia. We will continue to monitor this developing emergency. ElectricAid’s origins go back to the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s. With your help we will do all we can, again, this time.