Two for Bangladesh!

Bangladesh Map

Bangladesh is often considered an unlucky country. Its low-lying geography makes it prone to devastating flooding and ground-water contamination. Cyclones are a normal seasonal feature; global warming is making their weather less predictable and more extreme. Add to that a very high population density and widespread contamination of ground water by naturally occurring arsenic – and you get a picture of a country in real need. But all is not doom and gloom. Bangladesh’s economy has grown at roughly 6% per year since 1996, life expectancy is 71 and rising, and many other basic indicators are positive.

Two ElectricAid partner NGOs, Concern Universal and Dhaka Aksania Mission, have been funded in our July 2016 round, for projects addressing some of the basic problems outlined above.

Concern Universal has an ongoing programme of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Savar, Dhaka. ElectricAid’s funding of €9,146 will construct 2 km of reinforced concrete culverting with a slab cover. This will reduce flooding and waterlogging in this underserved community, and produce real and immediate health and economic benefits.

DAM’s project is a village level desalination, decontamination, and de-arsenification plant, which will make the water supply safe and usable for a community of 2,000 people in Satkhira, SW Bangladesh. We are contributing €8,800 (52% of the total) to make this project a reality.

As ever, relatively small amounts of targeted funding will make huge positive impacts on thousands of lives – and it’s only possible through your sustained generosity.