Fighting FGM in Guinea-Bissau

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a deeply-entrenched cultural practice in much of Africa. It is not enough to simply outlaw the procedure – both attitudes and behaviours have to be influenced and changed. In short, people need to be deeply convinced.

Plan Ireland has a particular focus on the welfare and development of women and girls – their commitment to this cause is long-standing and exemplary. ElectricAid funded Plan with €13,000 for a ground-breaking anti-FGM campaign in Guinea-Bissau, training and equipping nurses, and using the power of Djumbais (community gatherings) and local radio to power the attitude change.

The project has been a big success, the anti-FGM movement is gathering momentum; we can also safely say that many girls have been saved from this barbarity because of this funding – your money, very well spent.