A new bridge & new hope for the people of Dadazu

ElectricAid has a long track record of supporting minor-but-critical infrastructure projects in Liberia, one of the poorest and least-developed countries in Africa. Concern’s project for the commune of Dadazu was part of a broader community development programme – this “bit” was for the construction of a simple concrete culvert bridge, to allow the people safe access to the main road and the outside world, to economic opportunity, and to health services and schools. Their previous route was via a rickety “stickbridge”, regularly washed away in the rainy season.

The project demanded significant contribution by the community in the form of direct labour and materials – these projects work best when owned by the beneficiary community. The new bridge has made an immediate impact, in terms of access to market, access to education, and access to health care. A simple funding – but one with profound and lasting results.

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