Integrated marketing support for women in Afghanistan – Funded 2015


Poverty amongst rural women is acute in Afghanistan, mainly as a result of decades of conflict. However, 805 of the country is peaceful and ripe for the development of the people.

Our 2015 funding of Christian Aid’s project targeted 90 poor women-headed household in Karukh, Herat. The project strengthened 2 existing co-ops, provided literacy and numeracy classes, and gave training and opportunities in carpet weaving, and jam and pickle making. Vaccinations and health checks were provided for livestock, and 20 women were set up with goats & kids, equipment and training.

The outcomes have been most encouraging – with women now more able and willing to participate productively in the economy, to live positive and self-reliant lives, and to support their families. Lives have been changed for good – for an investment of less than €12,000.

Please follow link below for full project report.

Project Report – Christian Aid 2015