Devastation in Haiti – ElectricAid responds

A week on from the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti, and the news keeps getting worse.
At least 1,200 people have died, and in some of the worst-affected areas, up to 50% of all infrastructure has been destroyed, in an already fragile and very poor country. Widespread flooding has contaminated water supplies, caused food shortages and general misery. There is a very real danger of a widespread Cholera outbreak.


We have today (12.10.2016) approved funding of €10,000 to Plan Ireland and Concern for their work in the most heavily impacted areas in the south of Haiti. The work is basic – clean water, shelter, hygiene kits, and medical attention.


Can you help?
We have committed what we can, but the needs are enormous.
We will direct all once-off donations received in the next 2 weeks to relief and recovery for the people of Haiti.

You stood by Haiti in 2010 – please, do so again, in their latest darkest hour.


You can make a once-off donation right now on this site here:
(remember to change the drop-down to “once-off”).

If you are not on the ESB payroll, or if you prefer, you can also complete and return the attached once-off form.

Thank you all,