Devastation in Haiti – YOU have responded!

ElectricAid’s commitment of €10,000 to Concern & Plan Ireland last week for relief and recovery in Haiti represented the limit of what we could do at the time. But in just a few days since, our friends, members, supporters – and ESB – have come through and stood with Haiti in their latest dark hour. By 19.10.2016, we have raised an additional €18,000 – including a generous €5,000 matching funding commitment from ESB. More is coming in, we’re not stopping here!

Only because of your generosity, we will shortly be able to announce €20,000 worth of additional funding for the basics of relief & recovery in Haiti – clean water, shelter, food, medical care, and temporary housing. Thank you all – you have made a real difference for real people in absolute distress.

And of course you can still be part of this generosity by clicking here and making a once-off donation. (remember to change the drop-down to “once-off”).

Every Euro helps – and every donation matters.

If you are not on the ESB payroll, or if you prefer, you can also complete and return the attached once-off form.

Thank you all,