Haiti Wrap-Up

Our appeal for relief & recovery in Haiti – after the appalling devastation of Hurricane Matthew – has been a wonderful, heart-warming success.  The steadfast generosity of the ElectricAid community – members, supporters, ESB, friends – continues to amaze, but no longer surprises.  You have a proud and consistent  record of reaching out to people all over the world in their darkest hours.

We have been enabled to commit over €32,000 to this cause.  This includes a generous €5,000 matching contribution from ESB, for which we are deeply appreciative.  Of course, it does not include any late donations we may receive!

So far, we have committed these finds as follows:


Concern €5,000 Relief & recovery
Plan Ireland €5,000 Relief & recovery
Partners in Health €10,000 Medical care
CBM Ireland €6,384 Agricultural recovery
Total so far: €26,384


(We are in discussions with other agencies and will commit the balance of €6,000 shortly.)

Thank you all for your care and generosity – you should be quietly proud of yourselves.