Saúde Crianca – community child health in Brazil

This application sought help for their multi-dimensional child and family health support programme, targeting 50 seriously-ill children and their families in Florianópolis, SE Brazil. These children are chronically ill – with HIV, cancer, cardiac issues etc. The application was very well supported by Irish referees who knew the project well. One of the principles is a sister of an ESB staff member; this made assessing the application easier.

The multi-dimensional approach covered medicines, nutrition and nutritional advice, hygiene products and information, psychological and homeopathic support, water purification, medical equipment, and some private medical consultation in extreme cases  The report to ElectricAid indicated a successful intervention, in terms of reduced re-hospitalisation of children (down 50%), and reported wellbeing of the families. Our modest funding of €6,570 came to 28% of the 2015 project costs. Importantly, the project worked hand-in-hand with the public health system in Florianópolis – together, with our help, they have achieved excellent results for chronically-ill children and their families.

See full report and photo-report