2016 – A strange year for the world, but a year of solid delivery for ElectricAid

2016 struck many of us as a strange and disconcerting year – with the continuing agony of Syria, departures of great names like Leonard Cohen & David Bowie, and dubious arrivals like Donald Trump and Brexit. However, it also was a year of solid progress and real delivery for ElectricAid, and for the people we serve. Through your generosity we were able to fund a fantastic total of 135 development and relief projects, in 35 different countries. Your goodwill reached out to people in Longford and in Laos, to the needy in Nicaragua and Niger. We committed €1.13 million to these projects, and every penny went for development or relief, with nothing spent on overheads or administration.  As an example, we committed €233,000 to 31 “Training & Education” projects, and €247,000 to 26 “Agriculture & Livelihoods” projects.Tens of thousands of lives have been supported, empowered, and in some instances, saved.  The bedrock of this effort is our members’ continuing generosity – and the sustained support of ESB and EirGrid.  We thank all our members, donors, friends and supporters – without you, we are nothing.

Membership grew (slightly) to 2,630. We had gratifying success in recruiting new staff members, and in holding on to members leaving ESB.  This is not enough for sustainable growth, so 2017 will mark the resumption of membership promotion and recruitment drives among serving staff.  If you were thinking of joining – now really is the time, and you can join right now at https://electricaid.ie/join-electricaid-esb-payroll/ – it’s only a click away.

ElectricAid’s overall income in 2016 fell slightly to €1.16 million. This reduction was because of a smaller Special Appeal in 2016 as compared with 2015, and because we received a once-off legacy of €51,000 in 2015.  Our core income from staff, pensioners and companies actually grew by almost 6%, a very satisfactory outcome, and we are projecting a modest surplus of €10,000.

We look forward to a great 2017. With your help we can do more for our troubled world. Our door is always open – please do come on board!