January Funding: New Year, New Hope, New Beginnings

ElectricAid has kicked off the New Year with 14 new fundings of a total value of €136,000. Thousands of the world’s most needy people will derive new hope, and the beginnings of self-sustainable development.

The funding committed includes water & irrigation projects in Ghana, Zambia and Swaziland, and school & education projects in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Bolivia. We are funding a new ophthalmic operating theatre in Zambia, and livelihoods projects (bee-keeping, pig-farming, and vegetable gardens) in Ethiopia, Uganda and Belarus.

These projects will help people to help themselves. They are all 100% targeted at grass-roots needs, with nothing taken out for overheads or administration. Your generously-donated funds work harder and achieve more results!

Click here for a full list of January fundings.

These photos refer to our January 2017 funding 16-A-099, Irrigation project in Ethiopia for APA.

Photo 1: Nursery showing women tending coffee and mango seedlings.


Photo 2: Delivery canal supplying water to group onion crop.


Photo 3: Delivery canal of irrigation system.