Water for All in Muvamba

SERVE is a small Irish NGO doing basic but fantastically effective work in sub-Saharan Africa, mostly in WASH (water & sanitation) and solar power. Their “Water for All” Programme in Muvamba, Mozambique was a multi-annual project focused on providing a range of water sources to poor and under-served rural communities. Since 2012, ElectricAid has funded this programme 4 times with a total of €46,500, impacting positively on the lives of tens thousands of disadvantaged rural people.

 The most-recent project, for the Macuacua community area, Muvamba,  was completed during 2016  – see SERVE’s detailed completion report attached. This project has allowed SERVE to successfully provide the community with a new  or upgraded water supplies . The previous water supply was just over a 5km distance and now including the surrounding areas there are 1,200 families who will benefit from this new supply of clean water.

Some of the benefits of this project are listed below.

  • 1,200 families (6,000 people) will have access to clean water;
  • School attendance and performance will improve, especially for girls, who previously carried the burden of water fetching;
  • They expect a marked improvement in the health of the local community, with a reduction in water-borne disease and an improvement in hygiene knowledge and practice.
  • Sustainability was addressed in the training of 12 community members to form a Water Point committee responsible for administration, maintenance, and hygiene at the water sources.

The Report also details some end-user research on the impact of the programme on health, education, and economic activities – it’s well worth a look at how lives can be transformed with relatively small amounts of investment.

Below are two different pictures of the project, on the left is the drilling rig utilised to construct a water source. Picture on the right shows  the end product in use, a protected and hygienic community water source.