United Purpose: Shea Butter enterprise in Northern Ghana.

United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal) is a long-standing partner for ElectricAid.  We have had a reliable and successful funding relationship since 2007, and UP has Special Partner status with us. This status, currently enjoyed by only 15 NGOs, allows them to apply for up to €16,000 up to 4 times yearly.

Our funding of this Shea Butter producers’ co-operative in Northern Ghana has up skilled and equipped 600 rural women in quality shea nut production and shea butter processing, provided a borehole for the enterprise and for the community, and established strong links with a processing company and with the export market.  This is a fine example of how modest but carefully-deployed inputs can transform the lives and prospects of thousands of real people – not bad for €15,400!

Shea butter is an indigenous African product, used for centuries for food preparation, medical, and most importantly, cosmetic purposes.  It is finding a growing market in the West as an ingredient for medical and cosmetic skin products.

Please read the attached detailed and excellent report from UP on this successful project.

The Pictures displayed are some taken from  of the women in the production process.

Picture 1(Left) is of  a newly constructed borehole at Fian processing centre.

Picture 2(Top Right) is of a NGS beneficiary kneading shea butter at Naro.

Picture 3(Middle Right) is of a sample of processed butter displayed by the Kperisi beneficiaries.

Picture 4(Bottom Right) is of a newly constructed processing centre.