“Back to School” – Aidlink

Aidlink is a long-standing partner for ElectricAid. We have had a reliable and successful relationship with funding them since 2005. Since 2012, we have funded Aidlink with about €28,000 for their “Back to School” Adult Education Programme in Lodwar, Kenya.

The programme is implemented to give young adults a second chance at education. School completion rates are low in Kenya, due to poor education provision and economic drivers – many of the adults are obliged to drop out at an early age – young men usually to help support families financially and young women for the same reason, but with added demands arising from family care and early pregnancy.

The programme has been a real success in offering capable young people a second chance at education. In 2016, the programme enrolled a record number of students, with a 66% success rate. Click here to read the full report on highlights and outcomes, and a case study on one of the students.

View of a class in session.