Hunger in Ethiopia – Back to ElectricAid’s roots.

ElectricAid was founded in 1987 as a reaction to the Ethiopian famine of that time. Twenty-nine years later in 2016 we approved a €20,000 funding of Concern’s emergency nutritional feeding programme for vulnerable women and children in 3 areas of Ethiopia, which had suffered drought and crop failures. So much for progress against poverty and want?

Well, actually, there has been real progress in Ethiopia. The response to the recent crop failures caused by the El Nino phenomenon – by the UN, national and local government, and the NGOs involved – has been light years ahead of the fitful, tardy and disorganised reaction to full-scale famine in the 1980s. Lessons have been learnt, and major tragedy is being averted.

Our funding kept Concern’s “pipeline” going, and served over 5,000 malnourished people – pregnant and nursing mothers, and severely affected children. There have been highly encouraging rates of people “discharged as cured” from the programme.

ElectricAid prioritises development over disaster – but we will not turn our back on famine. Read Concern’s report here for full details on this life-saving project. The report is full of jargon and acronyms, but does tell how your continuing generosity has saved lives.