ElectricAid loves Women!

4.jpgThe attached excellent article from Dóchas “How we’re fighting for gender equality this International Women’s Day” marking International Women’s Day features three NGOs’ work for and by women in development. Action Aid are featured for their work against Gender Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation; VSO for their work in health services, and Gorta-Self Help Africa for their promotion of women in agriculture. As it happens, all three NGOs are long-standing partners for ElectricAid, which got us thinking: how much of our funding is for women, aimed at women, promotes women in development?

There is a pragmatic pro-women bias in the work that ElectricAid funds. Across the Global South, female empowerment is seen as a key to successful development.  We simply see that the involvement of female micro-entrepreneurs, of women farmers, of women’s self-help groups all contribute hugely positively to the success prospects of projects and programmes.

The vast majority of our funding is grass-roots and community based, which almost by definition benefit the whole community, including women. However, since January 2016, we have funded 18 projects, committing €158,000 specifically targeted at female health issues, at women’s enterprise, at human rights issues such as GBV and FGM, at education projects aimed specifically at keeping girls in school longer. The table attached below shows how your generosity fuels women’s rights, and benefits women, their children, and their communities.