Tumaini La Maisha – Their Lives Matter.

Since 2008, ElectricAid has supported Dr Trish Scanlan, a young Irish oncologist in Dar-es-Salaam, with the development of paediatric cancer services in Tanzania. Cancers such as Rhetinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye that has a high prevalence in Tanzania, have been brought under control, and survival rates are approaching first-world levels.  Outreach services  are facilitating early detection in rural Tanzania. Training of native paediatric oncologists through NCH Crumlin has contributed massively to this effort. Many, many children are alive and well today because of  Trish’s pioneering work.  ElectricAid is proud to be a long-standing supporter, contributing a modest €34,000 in 3 fundings for chemotherapy drugs and  premises fit-outs.

Don’t look for fairness in this life … Dr Scanlan herself has survived two cancers in recent years, and continues her incredible work with cheerfulness and equanimity, after radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and recuperation at home in Wicklow. Read her incredible life-affirming article here, and her latest report to ElectricAid here.  Dr Scanlan’s support organisation is called Tumaini La Masha, the Swahili for Their Lives Matter. We agree, and your generosity helps us to make their lives matter.