March for Life – 25 fantastic fundings in March.

ElectricAid funded a lower-than-usual number of projects in January – but demand bounced back with a vengeance for our March funding round. We evaluated 32 applications worth €351,000, well beyond our capacity to fund. We deferred some, rejected others, and trimmed many, and arrived at a package of 25 approved fundings, to a total value of €201,000.

The breadth and range of funding is extraordinary – from Guide Dog insemination in Ireland, to pack camels and electrification in Ethiopia; from nutrition in Sudan to maternity services in Sierra Leone. All of these projects support life, opportunity, health and dignity for tens of thousands of vulnerable people. As we face into what may be a huge humanitarian disaster in East Africa, we must never forget that ElectricAid’s premier focus is on development out of poverty, ill-health and ignorance.

None of this fantastic work, development or relief, would be possible without the commitment and support of the entire ElectricAid community – members, friends, ESB and EirGrid. Thank you all again – you have done yourselves proud.

Click here for a full listing of funding.