Caritas Tabora – village-level micro-development in rural Tanzania.

We have had a strong funding relationship with Caritas Tabora since 2012. We were introduced by former ElectricAid stalwart, Des Doherty, whose connection with the area and people go back a lot further, to his time as a volunteer engineer in Tanzania.

In that time, ElectricAid has funded 12 micro-development projects for this rural area, to a total value of €102,000 – see the attached for a full listing. These projects are village-level agricultural enterprise developments, ranging from poultry keeping, fish farming, sugarcane juice production, to beekeeping and sunflower production.  We have also funded some medical facilities and water supplies.  Each of these projects change hundreds of lives for the better, giving opportunity and hope, one community at a time. Relatively modest inputs leverage huge, multi-year benefits.

For a flavour of these simple but effective interventions, read their latest reports on Cat-fish report in Ndevelwa, and the Poultry micro-enterprise in Tumbi.

As you can see from the picture and read from the Reports, these people are forever in your debt – for your continuing generosity.