UCD VO : Dignity & rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities in India.

ElectricAid has funded UCD Volunteers Abroad 3 times since 2009 – for projects in Haiti and India. Students bring  their skills and enthusiasm to deliver well-managed projects. We fund material costs only – ElectricAid does not get involved with individual sponsorships or travel/accommodation costs.

UCD VO has been involved with Asha Joshi, a well-regarded NGO for children with disabilities (CWDs) in Andhra Pradesh, India, since 2010. Teams of qualified and student physiotherapists have enabled Asha Joshi raise the quality of care and rehabilitation in the residential home, which caters for 60 children, primarily orphaned or abandoned CWDs. The need for a bigger, better and more professional rehabilitation and therapy space was obvious – therapy was previously delivered on dormitory floors or in a storeroom.  Plans were drawn up for a brighter, larger space, with electrical power, and space for family training.

Our funding of €8,000 enabled the delivery of the new therapy centre (total project cost was €16,000, including some physiotherapy equipment), giving these children much better chances for a normal , self-sustained life. The value is clear – relatively small funding can deliver continuous, life-changing development.

Click here to read UCD VO’s report.

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