“Leaving Fitzwilliam” Auction – a fantastic success!

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The great “Leaving Fitzwilliam” auction on behalf of ElectricAid has been a magnificent success. ESB generously donated a wonderful range of furniture, houseware and framed prints for online auction among the staff. With the enthusiastic co-operation of people from Facilities, ITS and ElectricAid, the auction proved a huge winner with ESB people, who engaged hugely with the process – over 2,000 separate bids were recorded – and a lot of fun was had by all. So many of you engaged generously,  and nabbed fantastic bargains, and real mementos of our much-loved HQ on Fitzwilliam St, soon to face demolition and rebuilding.

The final tallies are not in, but we are heading towards raising a total of €20,000 for ElectricAid’s work in Ireland and all over the Developing World. This is well beyond our target. Some of these funds will allow us to respond again to the developing food crisis in East Africa. Once again, thank you all.