May: New Hope, New Beginnings.

Sometimes you can feel that the “Development Aid Industry” deals only in despair, deprivation and disaster. Despite the ongoing food emergency in East Africa, and other natural and man-made crises, development aid is essentially about hope, about progress and about new beginnings. Economic growth rates are high in Sub-Saharan Africa, and millions of people have moved out of grinding poverty, ill-health, and ignorance. Real progress was made on almost all  of the Millennium Development Goals, and good beginnings are happening on the Sustainable Development Goals.

ElectricAid is funding 20 separate development projects this May, with a total of €176,000. These projects bring hope and new possibilities to communities across Africa and as far afield as India, Bangladesh, and Nicaragua. Funding in education, health care, agriculture & enterprise, and basic infrastructure will bring new beginnings to thousands of real people. On their behalf – thank you.

See our May funding here.