Support for Overseas Aid remains strong in Ireland.

Dóchas, the umbrella body for Overseas Development Aid, recently commissioned MRBI to sample attitudes in Ireland to ODA.

The results confirm the Irish public’s strong and consistent support.  We constantly over-estimate what the Government spends on ODA – and still think it should do much more.  Thankfully, the “Trump” agenda does not appear to have impacted here. The Irish public remains committed to reach out, and to help.

Support for Ireland’s commitment to reach the 0.7% ODA target remains rock-solid. 80% of us believe that it is important to reach this target and to keep that promise.

The bad news is that recent negative publicity around some charities appears to have had an impact. Only 43% of us think that international aid NGOs use the public’s money well. This is an area that the overseas aid community must address urgently.  The plain facts of the matter are that development aid works, that real and substantial progress has been made, that economic growth rates are excellent in the Developing World, and that millions of people are being helped to lift themselves out of poverty and degradation.