Building BEmONC in Sierra Leone.

BEmONC is one of those appalling acronyms in use in development. But it stands for something so vital and life-giving – Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care – addressing the huge and unacceptable risks to women and babies in childbirth in Sierra Leone.  Our 2016 funding of €14,000 for Partners in Health, a long-standing and highly-regarded ElectricAid partner, has rehabilitated a decrepit BEmONC clinic in Kangama, Komo district.


PIH’s report says it very well: “The Kangama community now has a clean, well-built facility with reliable power and safe water & sanitation that better meets the health care needs of expectant mothers and their newborns, while maintaining infection prevention and control standards needed to protect against Ebola”.


The attached “Before” and “After” photos probably say it even better. ..