Life Chances for Street Children in Ethiopia

GOAL’s programme for street living children & youths (SLCY) in Hawassa, Ethiopia aims to rehabilitate these “lost” young people, giving them life and employment chances through self-development, non-formal education, and hands-on vocational training.

Our 2016 funding of this project has directly led to the salvation (there is no better word) of 33 young people, giving them a real shot at a better life. Programme inputs included life skills education, group and individual counselling, non-formal second-chance education, health information, vocational training and job placement. Read GOAL’s report here on this highly successful programme.

The programme is not just successful, it’s very cost-effective. A similar programme with young people in Ireland could cost hundreds of thousands of Euro. As ever, there is real value and “bang for your buck” in your generosity!

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