Summer Lovin’ – ElectricAid funds 27 projects in July round.

If anything, ElectricAid is about Love. We help you to reach out to your fellow men, women and children, all over the world – to help the to lift themselves out of abject poverty, ignorance and ill-health. You will never know these people, but your generosity speaks of love.

This July, ElectricAid committed a fantastic €202,000 in that spirit of Love. From Kerry to Kenya, Mayo to Malawi, and from Dublin to the DRC, this funding will change lives.  Please click here to see the attached listing of each and every one of these precious projects.

The pie-chart below shows the areas of need that these projects address. As ever, ElectricAid “sticks to the knitting” of its funding priorities – Agriculture & Livelihoods (16%), Basic Infrastructure (13%), Education, and Healthcare (both 27%).  The remaining 17% of the funding went to Disabilities (notably in Ireland) and Micro-credit (in a co-funding partnership with SAVVI, formerly St. Patrick’s Credit Union).

Again, it’s your generosity (and maybe your love) that makes this remarkable work possible.


Cover image: Current conditions in Chantier Malele Health Clinic.