(Dis)Abilities Fundings, July 2017

ElectricAid has consistently funded in Ireland, as well as all over the world. In July, we funded 4 projects, all of which fell under the Disabilities heading – although we prefer to talk about developing children’s abilities – focusing on solutions, not problems.

We committed a total of €17,500 in four charities – three focusing on children with various disabilities, and one providing an accessible local transport service for children and adults with disabilities. Please see the table below for these excellent programmes, which you are sustaining:


17-H-003 | Kerry | Enable Ireland Kerry Services | Soft Play area, pre-school |€3,000

17-H-004 | Dublin | Not So Different | Education for parents & carers of children with ASD. |€5,000

17-H-005 | Mayo | Killeen National School provision for inclusion of CWDs | €4,000

17-H-008 | Wicklow | Easi Access Transport upgrade of bus for CWDs | €5,000

(CWDs – Children with Disabilities; ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Photo courtesy Enable Ireland.)