Annual Report 2016: Another Successful Year!

ElectricAid’s Annual Report for 2016 is now published. The Report demonstrates another year of solid success for your Charity – but what is success? Success is not just in fundraising, efficient administration and high standards of governance – although we have had all three in spades in 2016.  Success is in service to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, in Ireland and all over the “Global South”.  Success is in being the channel for your generosity, enabling 2,650 of you to reach out and to help others.  Success is in keeping this unique show on the road and growing for 30 years, when so many others have fallen by the wayside.  Success is in real partnership – with members, with ESB and EirGrid, with the implementing NGOs, and with the tens of thousands of real people whose lives you helped to transform in 2016.

Please do take a few minutes to read our report. You won’t be disappointed – and you may be inspired!