Saplings & Stoves against Desertification in Niger.

Climate change is at its most pressing at the margins, impacting most on the people who did least to cause it. In the Zinder region of Niger, ASALs (Arid & Semi-Arid Lands) are losing ground steadily to desertification. This process is accelerated by the stripping of the remaining tree cover for fuelling inefficient and unhealthy stoves.

The International Red Cross in Zinder meets this challenge head-on, with a fuel-efficient stoves programme, and a tree-planting project at the margins of desertification. Both elements are supported by management training and sensitisation inputs for the local population.

ElectricAid funded this programme with €8,000 in June 2016. This was enough to plant 5,000 trees in 9 front-line communities, and to purchase and distribute the metal elements of 1,386 improved-efficiency stoves.  You have enabled one small victory in the long war against climate change – thank you.

Read the Red Cross report here.