Special Appeal – EAST Africa, SOUTH Asia

ElectricAid is presuming, once again, on the generosity and goodness of our members, friends and supporters – to launch another Special Appeal – this time for EAST Africa & SOUTH Asia.

The East Africa Food Crisis has been brewing for a year.  This developing food tragedy endangers about 25 million people in and beyond East Africa. The countries affected include Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen. In most of these, the situation is worsened by armed conflicts.  We have already committed €40,000 to this emergency (including the entire proceeds of our “Leaving Fitzwilliam” Auction), but have now no option but to ask our loyal friends and supporters to rally round, and reach out, once again.

Lately, another catastrophe has developed with the flooding emergency in South Asia, where the monsoon season has opened with flooding of biblical intensity, affecting 40 million people and killing about 2,000 so far.  About one third of Bangladesh, for example, is under water. The floods are the most intense in 50 years, and will get worse as the Monsoon season develops.  The affected areas include parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, stretching as far as Thailand.  We had delayed a Special Appeal, as both these tragedies got shamefully little media coverage – it seemed that Trump, Brexit and North Korea fully absorbed our attention.  The events in South Asia put the flooding in Texas in perspective, but, as ever, “First-World” events receive the publicity and the attention.

We can wait no longer.  ElectricAid is now launching our Special Appeal for EAST Africa & SOUTH Asia, so that we can respond effectively to these crises.  We have a waiting list of trusted agencies who have already appealed to us, we know that we can make a difference.

The ESB & EirGrid communities have a proud record of making a global difference; we know that the ElectricAid family can and will help. We know that, despite repeated calls on your generosity, you will step up to the mark, again. You can donate, right now and relatively painlessly, out of ESB Payroll, by clicking this link.  If you are not within ESB, or if you just prefer paper, please download and complete one of the forms attached below.

Please, reach out and do what you can for millions of people in their darkest hour. Every donation, of any value, is needed and valued.

Once again, thank you all.

East Africa- South Asia Once-Off Deduction Form 17032017

East Africa- South Asia EIRGRID Deduction Form 09092017