A Big Thank You

We need to say a big word of thanks to all of our friends, members and supporters who have made our East Africa / South Asia Appeal such a success – we are now approaching a total of €60,000 – a magnificent response from you all. May I thank in particular our retired members, who have been extraordinarily generous? The well of generosity in the ElectricAid community never ceases to amaze.

We are now moving to disburse these funds. We have approved funding to a range of known and trusted partners. Your funds will be put to work immediately, relieving hunger and thirst, and providing medical care in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Yemen), and alleviating hardship and rebuilding after the floods in South Asia (Bangladesh, India and Nepal). .

But for now, let us simply say – thank you, one and all – here’s the breakdown of the life-saving funding your generosity has enabled: