A Fruitful September (2)

September was not just fruitful in the sense of successful recruitment of new members to the ElectricAid community – we also had a really excellent funding round, in which we committed €167,000 to 21 exciting development projects in Ireland and across the Developing World.  Again, we stayed close to our development priorities, funding 5 projects each in basic infrastructure and in education, 4 in agriculture and livelihoods, and 2 each in health care and disabilities.

Whether they are elderly people with dementia in a choir in Crumlin, or smallholders accessing solar lighting micro-credits in Uganda, these are real people deriving real, tangible benefits – thanks to your continuing, committed generosity.

Click here for a full list of our September projects: Projects Funded – September 2017

Image is from WACFO training centre for young people with disabilities, Lumule, N. Uganda (Project ref 17-A-107)