A Fruitful September (3)

The “Jewel in the Crown” of our Fruitful September was of course our Special Appeal for East Africa & South Asia.  Despite the real lack of a critical mass of public awareness and media attention, our Appeal was a major success, bringing in €60,000 so far from our generous members and supporters.  Included in that figure is the fantastic total of €3,300 raised from our Book/CD/DVD/Art Sale in Gateway.  The life-saving fundings made possible by this generosity are detailed in our previous post on the Appeal.

This success brings to €76,000 the total funding committed by ElectricAid to the East Africa Food Emergency in 2017 – this includes the entire proceeds of our “Leaving Fitzwilliam” online auction.  Your generosity continues to reach out and to save lives. Take a bow, one and all.